Our mission statement

Our mission is to accelerate the search for truth.

We are doing this by bringing reliable and unbiased fact checks to the world. This will keep news sites and journalists accountable for factual reporting.

Our upcoming web application will let users vote on the factuality and accuracy of news stories, news companies and individual journalists by staking tokens towards the verdict that they deem true. If you stake tokens on the label that is deemed factual by the network, you will gain more tokens from those who voted opposite to you. This creates a system where everyone is incentivised to vote for what is factually true, therefore making it costly to manipulate the truth or inject bias.

Verifact is not owned by a major media company.

We will have a transparent and unaligned fact checking team to give final decisions if no consensus is reached within a reasonable amount of time. This will counter manipulation and keep the system unbiased in its early release. More details on the proposed incentive scheme will be announced in the upcoming whitepaper. We aim to make the process as simple as possible, and it will be fully transparent to ensure maximum objectivity.

For more information, please read the first blog post at https://blog.verifact.io/2020/04/20/A-decentralised-fact-checker/.


Anthony Foster
Anthony Foster