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Requested on 2020-05-19
A statistically significant poll has shown that one in eight Australians believe 5G is spreading coronavirus.
One in eight Australians believe 5G is spreading coronavirus, poll shows

New polling shows one in eight Australians buy into conspiracy theories coronavirus is linked to 5G, with nearly half saying the virus is from a Chinese lab.

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Anthony Foster
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Yes, the poll looks legit, with a sample size of 1,073.

"The 5G wireless network is being used to spread the Covid-19 virus"

  • 4% chose "definitely true"
  • 8% chose "probably true"
  • 14% chose "probably false"
  • 65% chose "definitely false"
  • 8% "I don't know enough to make a decision"

Source: [pdf]

So it shows 12% as believing in the 5G theory.