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Mark Woosey

Mark Woosey

Signed up to Verifact on 2020-05-17.
Donald Trump and his team are insisting that testing is unnecessary for the American people

Trump has been tweeting that testing is the responsibility of states, not the Federal Government, however at time of writing has no tweets downplaying the importance of testing or referencing particular groups as being higher priority than another.

96% APPROVAL RATING IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. THANK YOU! We will win against a tired, exhausted man, Sleepy Joe Biden, in November.

@ Anthony Foster, if you think this is false, why did you add two votes to true?

Hey Mark, thanks for your comments. Originally I thought it could be true -- at first glance the rates among Republicans are really high, but then I realised they are not that high. I couldn't find any sources for the 96% so I changed my mind

Thanks Anthony, didn't really click the way stakes work, so makes sense people can't revoke votes to flip to the 'winning' outcome later.

Elon Musk reopening California factory against state order

BBC News also correctly reporting it is a county restriction.